An Edge Decentralized Security Architecture for Industrial IoT Applications


The deployment of Industrial IoT Applications are quickly spreading around companies and organizations, mainly involving the use of edge computing. At the same time these applications are improving the production process, they introduces new security concerns that can damage the whole system. Lack of knowledge about security aspects of IoT and designers’ current understanding that security techniques applied to cloud computing or embedded systems in general can be adapted to IoT, constitute the main points of failure. IoT security needs new methods and architectures designed specifically for IoT, not adaptations. In this paper, we propose a new edge security architecture for industrial IoT, that combines the concepts of Blockchain and Context-Aware Security. We present how such technologies can be integrated in order to mitigate the security issues related to IoT environments. The proposed architecture was deployed in an Additive Manufacturing Units use case.

IEEE 6th World Forum on Internet of Things